Savlon Advanced Plasters – 10 Plasters


Savlon Advanced Plasters support faster healing. The protective m-doc pad contains a special ingredient that stops bleeding fast and can control further bleeding, so speeding up the start of the natural healing process and helping cuts and grazes to heal more quickly.

  • Highly breathable: fabric backing allows the skin to breathe, creating an ideal balance of air and moisture around the wound to enhance healing.
  • New material: looks like fabric and is stretchable and comfortable, but is water resistant and has great sticking power.
  • Superior Performance. Unlike some plasters, Savlon Advanced Plasters seal effectively all around the wound to keep out infection.
  • Ultra comfort fabric: moves with you and leaves no sticky residue.
  • Water resistant: does not come off in water, does not hold water, dries quickly.
  • Gentle: hypoallergenic plasters that are kind to sensitive skin.

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Savlon Advanced Plasters – 10 Plasters


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