BleedCEASE – 25 Sterile Packings


BleedCEASE™ 25-Pack
First Aid for Cuts and Nosebleeds

BleedCEASE™ is an amazing new product, and a great addition to any first aid kit! Each pad helps to quickly stop the bleeding from minor cuts, scrapes, and nosebleeds. It is also ideal for chronic bleeding due to medications such as nasal sprays and blood thinners, and can be used for clotting disorders such as hemophilia and vonWillebrand’s Disease. Simply remove the pad and apply pressure to the cut and hold for 1 minute (or until bleeding stops), then remove and cover with a bandage. For nosebleeds, twist or fold the pad and insert into the nasal cavity. You will be amazed at how quickly these pads work!

BleedCEASE™ Features:

  • Doctor Recommended.
  • Great for cuts, scrapes, shaving cuts, lacerations, and nosebleeds.
  • Can be used for chronic bleeding caused by medications such as inhalers and nasal sprays.
  • An excellent addition to any first-aid kit, glovebox, or purse.
  • This pack contains 25 BleedCEASE™ Pads.

Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Seek medical attention for deep cuts or wounds.

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BleedCEASE – 25 Sterile Packings


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