Rhinathiol promethazine – 125 ml

Rhinathiol promethazine – 125 ml

Contains an antihistamine, promethazine and carbocistein. Recommended for calm dry coughs and irritating cough in adults and children over 2 years, especially when they occur in the evening or at night.


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Per 100 ml of syrup: Carbocisteine ​​2.0000 g; Promethazine hydrochloride 0.0500 g. 1 measuring spoon of 5 ml contains 100 mg of carbocisteine, 2.5 mg of promethazine hydrochloride. 1 tablespoon of 15 ml contains 300 mg of carbocisteine, 7.5 mg of promethazine hydrochloride. Excipients: sodium, alcohol, sucrose, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218). volume alcohol content of the syrup: 3.09% (V / V).
1 measuring spoon of 5 ml contains 3 g of sucrose and 122 mg of anhydrous ethanol. 1 tablespoon of 15 ml contains 9 g of sucrose and 366 mg of anhydrous ethanol.
List of excipients accharose, methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E218), caramel coloring powder (E150), flavor * cocoa, vanillin, alcohol, sodium hydroxide, purified water.
(* Qualitative composition of cocoa flavor: tincture of vanilla, cocoa alcoholate,

Rhinathiol promethazine – 125 ml


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