Kofol® Lozenges Honey-Lemon – 12 Lozenges


Lozenges with a Honey-Lemon flavour

General physic-chemical properties: round, biconvex, yellow lozenges with bevel edges; it is permitted: edge irregularity, bubbles presence, color irregularity, bloom appearance is possible.

Pharmacological properties.

Pharmacodynamics. The preparation is a herbal combination. Lozenges relief cough, tickling feeling in the throat and bronchospasm.

Glycyrhiza glabra has a local stypsis and reduces an irritation of inflamed mucous tunic, relieves dry irrigative cough.

Terminalia belerica has expectorant and mucolytic actions, thins down phlegm which blocks respiratory tract, and provides its expectoration.

Zingiber officinale has anti-inflammatory and decongestive actions. It eases breathing in nasal stuffiness and provides fast maintenance in cold.

Curcuma longa has anti-septic and anti-bacterial actions.

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Kofol® Lozenges Honey-Lemon – 12 Lozenges


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