Sure Women Tropical Deodorant – 250ml


Sure® Women Tropical is specifically formulated to give you the confidence to keep you moving with all day protection against sweat and odour. You can be confident that you’ll stay dry and be free to live your life throughout the day with a fruity bouquet fragrance. And you know you can stay confident with Sure® Women Tropical with its long-lasting protection from sweat and body odour. It also contains Sure®’s innovative Motionsense technology. It works like this; unique microcapsules sit on the surface of your skin. When you move, friction breaks those microcapsules and they release more fragrance. So every time you move, Motionsense keeps you fresh and free from odour. Sure® Women Tropical antiperspirant deodorant is formulated to give you all the protection you’ll need. So you can wear your best clothes, move with freedom and feel fresh and confident. Sure®, it won”t let you down.

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Sure Women Tropical Deodorant – 250ml

Firstly, shake the deodorant can. Then hold it 15 centimetres away from your underarm and spray evenly in a well ventilated area.


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