Omron I-C10 Blood Pressure Monitor


The Omron I-C10 is a fully automated blood pressure monitor with various new and innovative properties. The monitor offers the possibility to recognize a morning peak, a important risk for the health.

Two people can store individual measurements in the memory (2×84 measurements). When memory storage is not needed, the measurement can be done in “guest mode”.

Automatic mode
Besides individual measurements it is possible to do a serie of measurements in automatic mode. In this mode within 10 minutes, 3 times in a row a measurement is done for which the duration and intervals can be preset. Of both individual and serial measurements the results can be called from the memory. It is also possible to show the average of the morning and evening over the whole week.

Some properties:
  • Intellisense TM technology (automatic pumping up to a by the system determined pressure)
  • Cuff: Special Comfort Cuff
  • Detection of movement mistakes (moving the arms too much)
  • Detection of irregular heart rate
  • Memory with time and date of measurement
  • Memory capacity: 2 x 84 measurements
  • Clinically validated

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Omron I-C10 Blood Pressure Monitor


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