Nytol Herbal Tablets 30 tablets


Nytol Herbal Tablets are a traditional herbal remedy that promotes calmness and natural sleep. Make sure you get a good nights sleep in these chilly months.
Nytol Herbal Tablets are a traditional herbal remedy to promote calmness and natural sleep. A traditional herbal sleep remedy for the 21st Century. Specially blended tablets contain a combination of natural plant extracts, for a calming and natural return to sleep.

Each Film Coated Tablet contains Extracts of Hops equivalent to 200 mg. Extract of Valerian equivalent to 160 mg and Extract of Passion Flower equivalent to 130 mg.
Adults: 1 tablet before retiring. Children: not to be given.
Caution before taking Nytol Herbal Tablets: If affected, do not drive or operate machinery. Not recommended in early pregnancy or when breast feeding. You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


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