Nivea Cocoa Butter – 400ml



  • NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Moisturiser offers intensive nourishment for 48 hours*, providing deep and long-lasting moisturisation leaving your skin glowing and radiant all day long. This rich formula contains Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E.
    Availability: 250ml and 400ml.

    How it works

    Provides intensive long-lasting moisture
    Promotes non-stop moisture supply from within the skin 48 hour* moisturisation
    Eliminates dry skin and dullness.

    *Provides your skin with intensive moisture even after 48 hours with regular use.


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Nivea Cocoa Butter – 400ml

vitamin E, Cocoa butter.
Apply this body lotion daily to your whole body.if needed reapply on dry skin areas


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