Mass Revolution™ Mass Gainer



Whether you are a hard gainer or you’ve just found yourself needing an edge to break through a plateau, MASS REVOLUTION is the gainer that can make it happen.

Often times, bulking forces situations requiring a few dirty calories in order to force the body into building muscle. However, this frequently leads to putting on substantially more fat than is necessary. After all, you can’t always get all the calories you need from eating clean. Even if you can, all those solids pack the digestive system, and some liquid calories go a LONG way in relieving distress – anyone who’s ever been on a quest for epic mass knows what this feels like.

MASS REVOLUTION™ is our Lean Muscle building formula. With a 5 hour time-release muscle feeder & a 2:1 Carb to Protein ratio, Mass Revolution will help you put on quality lean mass quickly. Let’s take a look inside the jug:

  • Rapid Mass Carb Matrix – A specialized blend of 6 carbohydrate sources designed to get into the muscle quick to maintain anabolism with slow-digesting carbs to feed muscles for hours without overflow to fat conversion.
  • Rapid Mass Muscle Stimulation Protein Matrix – Don’t miss 1 second of anabolism. Contains 4 different types of complete, high-leucine proteins that quickly increase blood amino acid levels while simultaneously sustaining the elevation all the way to your next meal.
  • Mass Stack Blend – A Powerful combination of the world’s single most effective muscle-building supplement, Creatine, and the vasodilator, Agmatine Sulfate.
  • Lactase and Protease – 2 key enzymes for the proper digestion and subsequent absorption of dairy proteins to maximize uptake without any upset stomach.

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Mass Revolution™ Mass Gainer


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