Femiforte – 20 Tablets


Femiforte is an amazing herbal formula that helps in treatment as well as prevention of the problem of vaginal discharge. It is in fact a very good and efficient vaginal discharge cure. It attacks the microbes responsible for this condition and hence eradicates this problem completely well. It is totally a safe way of getting rid of vaginal discharge as it is purely organic in its origin. Other discomforts caused in the vagina due to leucorrhoea are also soothed down using this wonderful herbal cure. It is even useful in the treatment as well as prevention of urinary tract infection. It enhances natural body immunity so that the female sexual organs may be protected against attack of microbes. Also it saves the entire body so as to assure its overall well-being. It is also an excellent uterine bleeding treatment. It means bleeding from uterus can be stopped and prevented.

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Femiforte – 20 Tablets


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