Earex Advance Ear Drops – Dual Action(15ml)


Product description

Earex Advance Ear Drops. Dual action. Softens and removes hard ear wax.

  • Help prevent hardened ear wax build up.
  • Helps to reduce the need for syringing.
  • Suitable for children from 2 years and upwards.
  • Easy squeeze bottle container.

Earex Advance ear wax remover drops.

The dual action formula or Earex Advance ear wax removal drops softens and removes hard ear wax. Used regularly it can also prevent the build up of hardened ear wax. It is suitable for use in adults, children, elderly people, hearing aid users and water sports enthusiasts. It is of particular use where there is excessive secretion of ear wax in the ear canal.

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Earex Advance Ear Drops – Dual Action(15ml)


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