Calorad® – 90 Capsules


Calorad®Caps is the original Classic formula collagen weight-loss product – now in capsule form for people who prefer capsules to liquid. It has been tried and tested for over 30 years and showed dramatic results in converting fat to muscle. *Individual results may vary.

Calorad® Caps (also called Calorad MG) is a dietary supplement formulated to support the body’s functions; helping to maintain its optimum metabolic balance. The collagen hydrolysate formula is easily absorbed and it supplies the body with important nutrients to help the body stimulate its own collagen production. These nutrients help the body support itself by maintaining lean muscle tissue, helping to utilize fat and sugar more efficiently, as well as support the body’s natural mechanisms. For those who are overweight, the use of collagen hydrolysate encourages the body to reach its highest level of vitality.  Calorad® Caps and Calorad MG are the exact same product.  They are made by the sameoriginal formulator of Calorad liquid.  Many people like the convenience of the Caps and find that they get better results.  The Caps contain a couple of extra amino acids to assist with muscle toning and fat loss.

Calorad® Caps is a natural product that does not starve or stimulate the body into fat loss and inch loss. Instead, this formula feeds the body with a collagen protein supplement and nutritionally supports the body’s ability to better utilize fat.

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Calorad® – 90 Capsules


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