BiON Acne Control Kit for Normal/Oily Skin

BiON’s new Acne Control Kit for Oily, Combination or Normal Skin Types encourages your clients to follow our proven 3 step system to kill the bacteria, reduce sebum production, and reduce inflammation without the undesirable side effects of benzoyl peroxide.  This convenient travel/trial kit includes: Antibacterial Cleanser, Salicylic Glycolic Gel, Green Tea/Clay Poultice, and Moisture Complex.

  • Starter kits to introduce BiON’s proven 3 step system with instructions included
  • Convenient 1.2oz. sized products for travel or gym bag
  • Can be included in the price of your acne facial to insure that client is using proper products at home
  • Does not contain benzoyl peroxide


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Out of stock

BiON Acne Control Kit for Normal/Oily Skin




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