Addyzoa – 20 Capsules


Addyzoa Capsule is an excellent and safe cure for the problem of male infertility or impotency. It has been prepared from some of the most excellent herbal components found in the nature that help in management of all types of issues related to the sexual and reproductive systems of men. It is quite efficient in the management of low sperm count in male semen. It can be used to increase sperm count so that the male semen may become able to fertilize the eggs in female reproductive system. It is one of the best low sperm count remedies available in the herbal medicine world. Also it is efficient in the treatment and prevention of low sperm motility. It can be used to increase sperm motility naturally. It means the pathway for travelling of the male sperms to female eggs is cleared. Hence male sperms reach the female eggs for triggering the normal process of reproduction.

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Addyzoa – 20 Capsules


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