Nivea Men Sensitive After Shave Balm


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  • Shave balm for sensitive skin
  • Helps to soothe & improve
  • No drying alcohol

No Drying Alcohol

  • Immediately Helps to Calm the Skin
  • Helps Prevent Shaving Irritation

Helps to soothe and improve skin’s defense over time.

For men with sensitive skin who want immediate skin relief and protection against irritation.

What Do You Get?
Extra gentle alcohol and dye free formula that is quickly absorbed to help:

  • Immediately to Calm the Skin
  • Prevent Shaving Irritations
  • Alleviate Dry Skin with Moisturizers after Shaving


  • Promotes Healthy & Smooth Looking Skin
  • Helps Skin Feel Relaxed & Moisturized Long after Application

Skin Compatibility Dermatologically Tested on Men with Sensitive Skin.

Contains no CFC’s which deplete the ozone layer.

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