Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D – 96 Tablets


D3* 1000 IU (25μg)
*Contains Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), the preferred form of vitamin D produced naturally by the body on exposure to sunlight.
*Ultra Vitamin D provides D3, which is the preferred form of vitamin D.

Optimum Level Vitamin D – for Health & Wellness
Ultra Vitamin D provides 1000 IU vitamin D3. Safeguarding the diet with vitamin D is recommended to help maintain optimum levels throughout the year, especially the winter months. This is particularly important for those who have restricted or limited exposure to the sun.
Vitamin D plays a truly remarkable role in the body for all round health and wellness, including contributing to the:
Normal function of the immune system
Normal absorption and utilisation of calcium in the body and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth
Maintenance of normal muscle function.
Vitamin D also has an important role in the process of cell division.

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Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D – 96 Tablets


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