Prosteez – 20 Tablets


Prosteez  Tablet is a herbo-mineral detailing that lightens the manifestations of BPH, urinary tract diseases, agonizing pee as well as inadequate urging of pee. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a noncancerous amplification of the prostate organ that can make pee troublesome. Soya  in Prosteez gives the isoflavone genistein, that is referred as not an inhibitory impact on the proteins in charge of development of prostatic tissue plusprovides cancer prevention agent impact. Saw palmetto and Varun  captures the prostate’s multiplication cells. Kanchanar  has mitigating movement. Along these lines, Prosteez facilitates the pee stream and is a finished backing for BPH.It Relieves obstructive indications like faltering, strain and spilling of pee. It decreases irritative manifestations such as recurrence, criticalness plus inadequate sentiment pee. It assits prostate wellbeing also keeps up prostate size. It assists keep up sound prostate capacities and No known critical medication cooperation. It enhances personal satisfaction.

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Prosteez – 20 Tablets


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