Nature Made Women’s Multi 50+


As a woman ages, her needs for specific nutrients may change. That’s why Nature Made® Women’s Multi 50+ is specially formulated with 22 key nutrients to help support the health of women over the age of 50. Since the body’s iron requirements decrease with age, Women’s Multi 50+ does not contain iron. Instead, Women’s Multi 50+ is formulated with a collection of key nutrients, including vitamins C and E and vitamins D and B for daily nutritional support. With a single tablet, once daily, you can help supply your body with a long list of nutrients in short order.


Nature Made Women’s Multi 50+

Vitamin A: 750 mcg, Vitamin C: 180 mg, Vitamin D3: 25 mcg (1000 IU), Vitamin E: 27 mg, Vitamin K: 80 mcg, Thiamin: 1.5 mg, Riboflavin: 1.7 mg, Niacin: 20 mg, Vitamin B6: 6 mg, Folate: 665 mcg DFE (400 mcg Folic Acid), Vitamin B12: 25 mcg, Biotin: 30 mcg, Pantothenic acid: 10 mg, Calcium: 200 mg, Iodine: 150 mcg, Magnesium: 100 mg, Zinc: 15 mg, Selenium: 70 mcg, Copper: 2 mg, Manganese: 4 mg, Chromium: 120 mcg, Molybdenum: 75 mcg
  • No Colors Added
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • Gluten Free
Adults, take 1 tablet daily with water and a meal. If you are taking medication or have blood clotting issues, consult your physician before use.


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