Mycota Cream 25g


Mycota Cream treats and prevents symptoms of Athlete’s Foot. It contains the active ingredient Zinc Undecylenate and Undecylenic Acid that destroy fungi which cause Athlete’s Foot. This cream can be used for relief from dry skin, itching, inflammation, and irritation.

Mycota Cream provides instant relief for symptoms of Athlete’s Foot. It contains the two active ingredients, Zinc Undecylenate and Undecylenic Acid, which have antifungal and antibacterial properties that help counter the symptoms of Athlete’s Foot.

With regular use it can prevent recurrent symptoms.

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Mycota Cream 25g

Zinc undeconoate 20% w/w and Undecenoic acid 5% w/w
  • For adults, children and the elderly.
  • Wash and dry the affected area and apply each morning and night, particularly taking care it is massaged between the toes, then dust with Mycota Powder.
  • Continue the treatment for one week after all signs of the infection have cleared.
  • Mycota Cream is for external use only.


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