Lavet Feminine Wash 10ml


It Is Active Against, Staphylococcus spp, Yeast infections, Toilet Infections and Cadidiasis (White).

Its Effectiveness:


  • Gets rid of Unpleasant Discharge and Bad Odour.
  • Uplift Sexual Confidence.
  • Restores Vaginal Suppleness.
  • Rebuilds Vaginal Walls, Improves its Elasticity, Loosening and Sagging, Stops Vaginal Aging.
  • Combats Excess Mucus With No Drying Effect.
  • Allow Frigid Women Obtain True Arousal And Experience Orgasm.  


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Lavet Feminine Wash 10ml

LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash has a 10 ml Bottle of Herbal Liquid and 8 Cotton Balls in the Pack. Soak a Cotton Ball with the Liquid and Insert It. (but do not push it too far up).  A Lady who want to Insert LAVET before her Bedtime will need to remove the insertion when she wakes up in the morning.  She must remove it before she takes her bath in the morning.  If a lady uses LAVET to get rid of her vaginal Infection, she will need to Rinse her lower female genital with water that is slightly hot or warm water, when she takes her bath in the morning.    On the other hand, LAVET can also be inserted in the morning (before a lady goes out to work, in the morning).  She must have the insertion removed when she returns home in the evening.  If she needs to get rid of an infection, she also need to rinse her lower female genital with some warm water (or water that is slightly hot) as she takes a shower in the evening.  To succeed in getting rid of most female genital infections, the seven day course must be used completely.  As a lady treats herself with LAVET (following the instructions carefully) from the third day on, some ladies may notice coagulated secretions being excreted out.  


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