Icy Hot Smart Relief Knee & Shoulder

Powerful, Portable Pain Relief

  • Helps Block Even Chronic Pain Signals
  • Helps Relieve Painful Muscles & Joints
  • Same Technology Used by Doctors
  • Reusable, Wire-Free & Easy to Use
  • Customizable:  63 Intensity Levels

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, a method that was once only available to doctors and physical therapists.  SmartRelief TENS Therapy is applied right to the point of pain to safely and effectively send gentle waves of relaxing pulses to the underlying nerves that are affected by pain.

What Does it Feel Like?
SmartRelief is fully under your control, with 63 gradual intensifty levels so each session is customized.  Simply dial it up or down to get exactly the relief needed.  Most users experience a mild tingling sensation or a slight warming arouns the treatment area.

For tough or persistent pain, it’s often difficult to find relief.  Now you can get the same TENS technology used by your doctor, for a fraction of the cost and without a prescription.  For persistent sore or aching muscles and relief of chronic pain associated with arthritis.

Reusable, wire-free and easy to use.  Customizable – 63 intensity levels.  Automatic shut off after each 30 minute session.  Prescription strength.


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Icy Hot Smart Relief Knee & Shoulder




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