4head Headache Relief Stick – 3.6g

4head Headache Relief Stick is specially designed in a convenient retractable stick dispenser, to be applied directly to the forehead as soon as a headache begins.

4head Headache Relief Stick can provide you with fast, effective pain relief without having to take tablets and can be applied whenever required. It contains 100% levomenthol which is a powerful and natural painkiller that can help block pain signals caused by tension headaches and relax the muscles in the head.

It provides a cooling and soothing sensation, that helps to soothe your headache.

Unique features

  • No side-effects
  • Designed with a convenient retractable stick dispenser, suitable for on-the-go remedy
  • Can be applied as often as required
  • Non-greasy and colourless on the application


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Apply gently across the forehead as required (taking care to avoid the eyes). Do not use too much otherwise the skin sensation may become excessive. If this occurs, subsequent applications should be less frequent or over a smaller area.
Before using 4head Headache Relief Stick: The levomenthol stick may soften or even melt at high temperatures (e.g. in a car or in the sun on a hot day), leading to a risk of distortion or spillage. Do not attempt to use 4head if the levomenthol stick appears to be distorted, softened or fragmented.
  • Do not use if you are sensitive to levomenthol.
  • For your safety do not put in the mouth or swallow.
  • No evidence of associated side-effects has been demonstrated during use in pregnancy or lactation, however, no safety data for such use is available.
  • The levomenthol in 4head may cause hypersensitivity reactions including contact dermatitis.
  • As with all medicines, this is for your use only.
  • For external use only
4head must only be used on the forehead. Stop using 4head if it feels uncomfortable. If you experience any other undesirable effects, or if your symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical advice. If 4head is accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention, taking the information leaflet with you. Keep 4head away from sources of heat or warmth at all times.
3.6 g of the active ingredient levomenthol

4head Headache Relief Stick – 3.6g


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